On 23 June the Belgian government published a royal decree introducing requirements for sprinklers to be fitted in large underground car parks. The government also published an update to the fire code. Among other changes, it clarifies that if sprinklers are fitted:

  • False ceilings and smoke shafts in escape routes do not need 30 minutes fire resistance
  • Walls separating sales units in shopping centres need not have 30 minutes fire resistance
  • If the water network cannot adequately supply hydrants in low-rise buildings, a 50 m3 tank for firefighting is not needed
  • Fire resistance requirements for facades do not apply
  • A lobby is not required for the rubbish room in a medium-height building
  • A stair pressurisation system is not required in high-rise buildings

If the car park sub-compartment is smaller than 1250 m2 and no more than 7 m below ground, the hazard class for EN 12845 systems may be reduced to OH1 and for NFPA 13 systems to LH.