German media report that a fire in Saarbrücken has killed four people and injured 23, while a fire in Berlin has injured 22 people. The fatal fire was reported at 13:30 on 3 December. 100 firefighters and 25 police attended the fire in the five-storey building. It is thought that the fire started on the first floor. One of the victims jumped out of the building.

In Berlin Biesdorf a fire in a ten-storey building was reported on the morning of 2 December. 22 people were injured, of whom 19 had minor injuries and three were more seriously hurt. 200 firefighters attended the fire which is believed to have started in a kitchen on the third storey and to have spread through the staircase and other apartments to reach the roof of the building. According to the Berlin Fire Brigade there was a large amount of combustible material in the apartment where the fire started. A second apartment on the top storey of the building also burned out. A service shaft was made of wood and was readily combustible. The building is now uninhabitable and the fifty residents must be rehoused.