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BAFSA, the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, celebrated its 50th anniversary this month. In that time the UK sprinkler industry has doubled in size, with a much higher proportion of new buildings now protected with sprinklers. BAFSA, working with the EFSN and others, has made the case for sprinklers to thousands of individuals and seen the consensus evolve to recognise the benefits of sprinklers. BAFSA insists that all its installer members hold third party accreditation and has led work to ensure the quality of sprinkler systems installed in the UK remains high. The EFSN congratulates BAFSA on its achievements and wishes it another 50 years of success!

One of BAFSA’s many activities to promote the benefits of sprinklers is to publish details of fires where sprinklers have operated to save life, property or the environment. These incidents are presented on a dedicated ‘Sprinkler Saves‘ website and collectively form compelling evidence which may be useful in other countries.