On 28th June two live fire tests were run at Les Violettes care home in Nérac, southwest France.The tests were part of the acceptance protocol for the new fire safety concept for this building. A residential sprinkler system, fitted throughout, was the core of this new concept. 300 sprinklers were installed in the first building in France to be protected with a residential sprinkler system.

The first test was in a bedroom, where the damage was restricted to the bed. Relatively little smoke was produced and the self-closing fire door prevented any escape of smoke into the corridor. The second test was in a storage area. This fire was also rapidly extinguished.

150 delegates from across France were present to witness the event. Many were from fire services and commented that they had buildings which did not comply with French regulations and for which a residential sprinkler system would be the most effective and economic solution.

Regional press attended and the tests were a major story the next morning in La Dépêche du Midi.

and in Le Petit Bleu

as well as in Infos 47

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